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Holders and Labels and Tabs … Oh My!

Let’s say your legal office has all of the folders and filing containers they need, but you still feel like something is missing. At Alvah Bushnell, we have legal supplies for sale that you never knew you needed. Choose from any of our add-on products, such as holders, labels, and index tabs, to help your legal office become more efficient.

Holders for Electronic Information

Don’t misplace your CDs or flash drives with sensitive information again. Our CD-1’s are adhesive-backed vinyl CD holders that can be attached to any filing system or folder for security. As someone who’s always on the move, you don’t want to worry about scrambling for the important CD for minutes that can seem like hours. Instead, our CD-1 provides you with quick access to your electronic information. Similar to CD-1s, we have adhesive holders for flash drives as well. These let you stick your flash drive on the inside of any binder, expandable pocket, or folder with ease.

Labels for Printing

Our #10 laser labels are perfect for any office. Just like a #10 envelope, these labels can be fed through a standard desktop printer. At Alvah Bushnell, we will customize your labels by printing your customized return address on them. That way, all you have to do is feed the labels through the printer to add the shipping address. These #10 labels have a place for up to four additional items, like instructions, to be printed on them. Some additional items are: please do not fold, first class mail, confidential, etc. With our labels, you just print, peel, and apply.

Index Tabs for Sorting

Every law office needs to be highly organized to run smoothly and efficiently. We have an extensive collection of index tabs from which you can choose depending on the needs of your office.

Here are just some of the types of index tabs we sell:

  • Singles
  • Sets
  • Letter size
  • Legal size
  • Top tab
  • Bottom tab
  • Numbers
  • Letters

We also have index tabs with and without the word exhibit. Exhibit labels come in a variety of colors to cater to the color-coordinated offices out there. With over 10,000 different options of index tabs to choose from, we’re confident Alvah Bushnell has the right type for you.

To learn more about our add-on products or the filing containers that we have for sale, contact us today by 800-814-7296 or visit us at https://www.bushnellco.com/.

Here’s Why You Should Be Using Manila Folders to Contain and Transport Your Documents

In the age of wireless just-about-everything, many people have forgotten how to contain and transport important documents when they’re not using a computer to hold or send them. Here at the Alvah Bushnell Company, we take pride in being old-fashioned. In fact, we’re here to help you organize, contain, and transport your documents the old-fashioned way, which is, in our opinion, the best way. We boast an extensive variety of wallets, jackets, folders, mailers, and filing pockets for sale to help you and your business keep it all together. Here’s why you should be using manila folders to contain and transport your documents.

First of all, why is it called a manila folder?

Manila folders got their name from the material they are made of, which is the abaca plant, Musa textilis, also known as Manila hemp, or simply Manila. These types of folders are made from the fiber of the abaca plant, which is found and grown in the Philippines. It’s not related to the hemp plant, but it actually is a close relative of the banana.

What can we provide you with at the Alvah Bushnell Company?

If you choose us at the Alvah Bushnell Company, you’ll be able to find folders with construction variations as well as special printing. We stock manila, kraft, and 12 different colors of folders. We can also customize tabs, fasteners, and printing! Some of the examples of the specially printed forms for the front of folders include NJ Court Forms, Working Paper Forms, Real Estate Search Forms, Estate Forms, Criminal Forms, and more. Printing is easy! It’s just as basic as a name, address, and phone number.

Why should you choose manila?

We have a variety of quality folders that can help you contain and transport important documents. Because of what they’re made of, manila folders are strong, sturdy, and designed to protect the papers they’re holding. They can not only protect your items, but they’re also considered an affordable option for your filing needs.

To learn more about manila folders or the filing containers that we have for sale, give us a call today at 800-8114-7296 or visit us at https://www.bushnellco.com/.

What to Consider When Mailing Important Documents

Mailing important documents can be nerve-wracking, especially when private information and strict time deadlines are involved. At the Alvah Bushnell Company, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality mailer envelopes that provide customers with what they need, whether that be durability, confidentiality or a combination of both.

When deciding what type of mailer is right for you and your business, there are a few things you must take into consideration, such as what you are mailing, how fragile what you’re sending is, the size of the package, and your price point.

When sending materials that are confidential and contain sensitive information, Tyvek envelopes are the way to go. Tyvek mailer envelopes are made out of a high-density synthetic material, perfect for privacy and security, with its secure peel and seal closure. You can purchase them in plain white or as priority mail, which has green triangles bordering it, immediately identifying it as a priority.

For those looking for a more economical mailer, Shiplite is the less expensive option compared to Tyvek. Shiplite has plastic on the inside to keep contents dry, and the paper outside gives the expandable mailer a professional feel.

If sending multiple types of media, such as DVDs or pamphlets, heavy-padded mailers are a smart choice. The padded aspect provides added protection, so none of the materials inside get harmed during transportation. If there is nothing fragile in the documents, but there is an abundant amount of papers, an expansion mailer envelope is a good idea. With an expansion mailer, there is an extra amount of room for more extensive documents, yet it is still a strong option. You want to avoid packaging bursting while being transported because it is in too small of an envelope.

Flat mailers are a great option if you need to send something without folding it up or it needs to stay in place. Contact the Bushnell Company to find out the different flat and expansion mailers as well as materials including Tyvek, Shiplite, and Kraft.

For a more personalized and professional look, we at the Bushnell Company will customize your mailers for you. A nice color-printed (royal blue, forest green, etc.) corner card or self-addressed envelope can add a special touch to the packages you send out. Call us today to buy redwell folders, mailers, and accordion pocket files today and get a quote immediately on your customizable pieces. You can also email us at bushnellco@gmail.com for assistance, and one of our team members will be happy to help you.

3 Simple Tips to Help Your Office Stay Organized

Buying organizational products feels great. A sense of productivity fills you as you take that first step towards reining in the tremendous flow of documents that streams through your office. When it comes down to it, though, actually making full use of these file pockets, folders, and tabs takes some forethought and planning. Without some consideration, these efforts to organize ultimately fall flat, leaving you right where you started.

At Alvah Bushnell Company, we have been helping institutions stay organized for over 141 years. In that spirit, here are some quick tips to help your office manage paperwork.


Use colors

While the psychological associations you may have with certain categories may be unique to you and you alone, using colors intuitively can greatly assist the organizational process.

Lets say you work for a law firm. Designating a folder for financial documents? Try green. Marriage certificates or prenuptial agreements? White might be an easy-to-remember association. Cease-and-desist orders? Red seems appropriate. These mnemonic devices could prove useful for any field: just trust your instincts.



Paper documents do not always come in conveniently uniform sizes. When you need to organize records, try to keep the folders, portfolios, drawers, or binders that will hold them appropriate to the size of the record. This will make them much easier to find later and prevent you or whoever else needs to find them from missing them among the larger documents.

If it makes more sense to keep some materials of different sizes together, try to separate them into different pockets. Failing that, paper-clip the smaller documents in front, making sure they are placed consistently so that they will not be overlooked.



Though this may sound like common sense, alphabetization of categories or labels is a quick, easy-to-grasp way to organize documents to help anyone find the appropriate records. However, this is only effective when naming conventions are consistent and understandable. (Imagine if a complete stranger needed to find a certain file.)

A good rule of thumb is to label all paperwork from general to specific. Instead of labeling a folder as Radiology Medical Records, try Medical Records: Radiology,” for example.



However you choose to organize your records, you will achieve the best results if your methods are consistent. Even if someone new to your office had to find something in your system, they could identify a uniform pattern that helps them locate the document they need.

Sometimes, we even struggle to remember our own methods. Having regular habits will help greatly in that regard.


No matter the method, Alvah Bushnell Company is the premier source for any offices organizational needs. We have been supplying businesses with file pockets, jackets, folders, mailers, and even custom products since 1876. To learn more about our company or browse our catalog, visit us at https://www.bushnellco.com/. Interested parties can also call us at (215) 842-9520 or email us at bushnellco@gmail.com.

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