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At Alvah Bushnell Company, we want you to have the most pleasant and convenient experience possible when it comes to ordering from our quality line of filing containers for your home or office. That’s why we’re proud to unveil our brand new website, re-designed for ease of use and customer-oriented to both view and order our extensive inventory of expanding legal file folders.


How To Stay Organized This Tax Season

Tax season can be a crazy time of year, especially for business owners and CPAs alike. With an unbelievable amount of paperwork flying across your desk, it can be hard to keep everything straight. One way to combat disorganization is with the use of Alvah Bushnell’s products.


Why Does Your Office Need to Use Flat Wallets?

No matter how organized your office is, it can always be improved. At Alvah Bushnell, we supply a number of products that allow your business to become organized, translating into efficiency and an increase in productivity. Flat wallets are one of the products that can positively impact your office’s performance.


3 Simple Tips to Help Your Office Stay Organized

Buying organizational products feels great. A sense of productivity fills you as you take that first step towards reining in the tremendous flow of documents that streams through your office. When it comes down to it, though, actually making full use of these file pockets, folders, and tabs takes some forethought and planning. Without some consideration, these efforts to organize ultimately fall flat, leaving you right where you started.

At Alvah Bushnell Company, we have been helping institutions stay organized for over 141 years. In that spirit, here are some quick tips to help your office manage paperwork.


Use colors

While the psychological associations you may have with certain categories may be unique to you and you alone, using colors intuitively can greatly assist the organizational process.

Lets say you work for a law firm. Designating a folder for financial documents? Try green. Marriage certificates or prenuptial agreements? White might be an easy-to-remember association. Cease-and-desist orders? Red seems appropriate. These mnemonic devices could prove useful for any field: just trust your instincts.



Paper documents do not always come in conveniently uniform sizes. When you need to organize records, try to keep the folders, portfolios, drawers, or binders that will hold them appropriate to the size of the record. This will make them much easier to find later and prevent you or whoever else needs to find them from missing them among the larger documents.

If it makes more sense to keep some materials of different sizes together, try to separate them into different pockets. Failing that, paper-clip the smaller documents in front, making sure they are placed consistently so that they will not be overlooked.



Though this may sound like common sense, alphabetization of categories or labels is a quick, easy-to-grasp way to organize documents to help anyone find the appropriate records. However, this is only effective when naming conventions are consistent and understandable. (Imagine if a complete stranger needed to find a certain file.)

A good rule of thumb is to label all paperwork from general to specific. Instead of labeling a folder as Radiology Medical Records, try Medical Records: Radiology,” for example.



However you choose to organize your records, you will achieve the best results if your methods are consistent. Even if someone new to your office had to find something in your system, they could identify a uniform pattern that helps them locate the document they need.

Sometimes, we even struggle to remember our own methods. Having regular habits will help greatly in that regard.


No matter the method, Alvah Bushnell Company is the premier source for any offices organizational needs. We have been supplying businesses with file pockets, jackets, folders, mailers, and even custom products since 1876. To learn more about our company or browse our catalog, visit us at https://www.bushnellco.com/. Interested parties can also call us at (215) 842-9520 or email us at bushnellco@gmail.com.

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