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The Alvah Bushnell Difference: Our Prices vs. Our Competitors

Folders and organizers are essential to the proper functioning and flow of any workspace, which makes it all the more surprising that many companies do not do their research about where to get the best prices for such a critical resource.

Here at Alvah Bushnell, we believe in providing our customers with the wholesale custom folders and other materials you need to make sure your team’s daily work is well-kept, well-organized, and easily packageable and transportable. 

If you ever find yourself wondering where to best source your company’s office supplies, then look no further! In fact, we even have the numbers to show that Alvah Bushnell Co. offers the best deals on expanding file pockets, wallets, and other document organizers.

The Difference Between Us and Redweld

We decided to create a table showing an example of the price difference between our products and those of Redweld, one of our major competitors.

As you can see, the prices we offer here at Alvah Bushnell will save you money when compared to our competition. Additionally, having been in business since 1876, we have a long history of delivering only the highest quality products.

American-Made, Top Quality Products 

Here at Alvah Bushnell, we pride ourselves on meeting the demand for high quality products, particularly in the legal profession where lawyers and their teams are working daily in a high-speed, high-stress environment. High-quality materials with professional branding are essential to the smooth functioning of any office, making us the prime choice for local Philadelphia law firms.

Furthermore, as a leading provider of legal office supplies, we also provide exclusively American-made goods to customers seeking to stock their offices. Whether customers require expanding file folders online or other materials, all of the legal office supplies we produce are made from high-quality, expertly-manufactured materials.

Are you on the lookout for new office supplies for your law firm? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Alvah Bushnell Co. today by calling us at 800-814-7296.

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