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The Advantage of Our Products Over Those of Our Competitors

Here at Alvah Bushnell, we take pride in our long tradition of providing high-quality, durable, and authentically made expanding file pockets for law firms and offices in the Philadelphia area.

The question is, what is that truly separates our products from those of our competitors? The answer: quite a bit!

Whether you’re looking for file folders for sale or legal size expanding file folders, keep on reading to learn how our products here at Alvah Bushnell stand out from the pack!


Unlike many other products you see out on the market, our folders and expanding file pockets are built to last. We understand that many of the documents you need to store must be safely protected for months, years, or even decades, making it critical to have the storage files necessary to keep your documents in crisp, mint condition. 

Furthermore, our expanding file pockets will themselves continue to look fresh and new years after your initial purchase. When you’re running a law practice or any other type of business, the image you project to your clients can be everything, and having files systems that look smart and professional can make all the difference.


When you’re transporting large stacks of documents between offices and courtrooms, you need to have products that comfortably bear the weight without falling to pieces. Although many other filing products out there may tear at the slightest pressure, Alvah Bushnell only provides products built for strength, helping you make sure that your documents and files are in good hands.


Unlike many rival companies, our products are 100% manufactured in the United States. Not only is this a testament to the quality and traditional craftsmanship that goes into our products, but it also translates into something much more. By shopping with Alvah Bushnell, you support a long-standing Philadelphia company with deep roots in American history, allowing you and your firm to become a part of something bigger.

For more information about our products and how they size up with what other companies have to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch today by giving our team at Alvah Bushnell a call at 800-814-7296.

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