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With a long history, since 1876 to be exact, the Alvah Bushnell Company is the oldest manufacturer of red rope products and filing containers for sale in not only the United States but also the world. During the last three centuries, we have provided the legal industry with superior quality filing containers and products at factory-direct prices. The legal supplies that we have for sale are meant to bring efficiency to your legal practice while keeping both you and the office administration very organized.

Our staff is in tune with the special needs of law offices, and they strive to meet their demands. We understand that the legal world is fast-paced, with attorneys often running from one location to another, to and from the court, and to meetings with clients. Lots of clients and meetings mean tons of paperwork, all of which needs to be kept confidential and organized. In order to keep all of your paperwork filed and organized correctly while you’re on the go, we offer the best filing containers for sale.

Some legal supplies for sale through the Alvah Bushnell Company are:

In addition to organization, our range of products provide a confident and professional look and feel. With different materials to choose from, our filing containers for sale will give any attorney or filing system a sophisticated look. To enhance the look of the legal supplies we have for sale, we can fully customize your order for you. We can match the size, color, dividers, tabs, fasteners, and printing of any folder you currently use. For convenience, all of our stock items are shipped within one business day. Some of our products, such as legal file jackets, come at a discounted rate when you buy in large quantities.

All of our filing containers for sale are American made and manufactured right in the heart of Philadelphia. We pride ourselves on being a contributor to the American economy and encourage our customers to do the same.

In a world that is constantly moving and technologically advancing, the Alvah Bushnell Company still recognizes the role that physical documents play, especially in the legal industry. Our goal is to provide the best filing containers, products, and services to our customers in an effort to elevate their business practices. In this ever-changing hi-tech world, we are proud to be old-fashioned. Call us today and we will quote your custom folders in minutes!

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