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    Want to transport documents with ease and sophistication? Legal wallets provide a sleek aesthetic to your filing materials. Enhance your professional image when you are carrying documents and keep them from getting scattered.

    Expansion Legal Wallets

    When you buy legal wallets that have expansive properties, you are giving yourself more room to store larger amounts of paperwork and documents. The tailored look with the full flap and closure provides an air of professionalism. Storing and transporting your documents has never been easier than it is when you buy legal wallets.

    Here are some features you can expect when you buy legal wallets:

    • Expansion
      • Products range from 1.75” up to 6.125”
    • Closures
      • Elastic cord
      • Tie string
    • Material
      • Tyvek Gusset
      • Paper Gusset
      • Manila
      • Kraft
    • Size
      • Legal size
      • Letter size

    A benefit of the legal expansion wallet having a closure is that it can hold all of your papers and important documents inside in place. The closure also makes traveling with the legal wallets easier.

    Flat Legal Wallets

    Legal wallets referred to as flat wallets are primarily used to hold a smaller amount of papers than a legal expansion wallet would. Since they are not meant to hold a large amount of paper, they do not have the same elastic cord or tie string closures. However, flat wallets come in a variety of colors such as:

    • Manila
    • Kraft
    • Light Green
    • Gray
    • Light Blue
    • Canary Yellow
    • White

    The range of colors makes it easier to use legal wallets for organizational purposes. For example, a different color could represent a different type of form or document, or each color could be for a different client. The choice is yours, and you can even create your own color coding system.

    Alvah Bushnell For Legal Wallets

    The Alvah Bushnell Company is the oldest manufacturer of red rope products in both the United States and the world. Alvah Bushnell discovered the filing needs specific to the legal industry in 1876 and invented and manufactured the products himself. Our company understands that attorneys and legal offices need the most durable and professional-looking legal wallets to take paperwork from one appointment to another. Everyday attorneys handle tons of paperwork, so we created the legal wallet to keep everything organized and secured.

    When you contact one of our knowledgeable and experienced staff members to buy your legal wallets, you will be welcomed with the highest level of customer service and professionalism. Our staff is committed to helping discover the filing materials you and your offices require in order to succeed. With our factory-direct prices, these quality American-made products cannot be beaten. For your convenience, all of our stock items are shipped within one business day. As the world moves in a digital direction, we know that filing materials are still important tools for the legal industry. We are a company that is proud of our old-fashioned roots.

    Call our staff today to find out more about the different types of filing materials we offer and about our large quantity discounts that are available when you buy legal wallets.

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