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Pressboard Folders

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Top-Quality Folders Available at Alvah Bushnell

At Alvah Bushnell, we have been manufacturing and distributing file pockets and office products since 1876. We have established a strong partnership with the legal industry, making us a trusted provider of various red rope products such as legal file jackets and folders of all kinds.

Our products are designed to keep files confidential, protected, and by your side at all times. When you buy pressboard folders from Alvah Bushnell, you are guaranteed to receive top-of-the-line products that were specifically designed to keep all of your important paperwork in one place.

Kraft Folders for Sale

If you are in the legal field, or another industry that requires you to have paperwork on-hand and in accessible reach, then you know how important it is to have a reliable folder. You can’t just carry around any regular folder that is bound to break under pressure at any minute. At Alvah Bushnell, you can buy kraft folders that will remain durable and can handle a large amount of paperwork. Kraft folders are known to be stronger than regular folders because of the unique material.

Legal Folders for Sale

Three things that are extremely important in the legal industry are confidentiality, durability, and organization. Our pressboard folders for sale allow you to prioritize these factors at all times.


Our classification folders allow you to maintain one confidential folder for one general client file while containing spaces that are separate for individual sections or titles. This makes it possible to keep one section within view while other sections are available for viewing only with permission. Customers buy our pressboard folders with the certainty that nobody will be able to have access to their documents without permission. Classification folders allow the user to slide a document into the folder and tie or clip it inside. The strength and opaque qualities of our material offer privacy and confidence when concealing important papers.


Our kraft folders for sale are thicker than typical folders, providing extra strength where you need it the most. They are perfect for frequently accessed files because you can easily locate them, remove them, and put them back in. There’s no need to worry about flimsy folders that can’t keep everything together. When you buy kraft folders from us, you can rest assured that everything will be able to be reached as soon as you need it.


You no longer have to worry about losing your important documents in the shuffle. When you buy our pressboard folders, you can label each type of document on our convenient tabs. These tabs allow you to write a small description of the type of document that you need at a given time. You can easily locate articles as soon as you need them with our legal folders for sale.

Wholesale Pressboard Folders Available Online

Buy pressboard folders from Alvah Bushnell for high-quality products matched with old-fashioned and traditional service. All of our strong and reliable products can be delivered to you the very next day after you order, ensuring that you will have everything you need almost immediately after you buy our pressboard folders. Our old-fashioned practices allow you to have peace of mind when ordering your filing containers while taking advantage of the savings when you buy in wholesale quantities from Alvah Bushnell Company.

In addition to folders, we manufacture and distribute many other products for filing purposes. Buy pressboard folders, file pockets, legal wallets, jackets, and other specialty products like first class mailers from Alvah Bushnell by calling us today.

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