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First Class Mailers

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High-Quality First Class Mailers

At the Alvah Bushnell Company, we are committed to providing the best, high-quality mailers to you and your customers. When you buy legal folders or first class mailers from us, you know that we are providing you with top-notch durability. No matter what your price point, our mailers will provide a professional look and feel.

Say that you are mailing paperwork to a client for their signature and the paperwork contains highly sensitive information. With an everyday paper envelope, you run the risk of the envelope’s durability. Thin, ordinary envelopes can tear easily, especially when handled improperly. When the weather is rainy or snowy, there is a much higher chance of moisture damage when using a standard mailer. To combat something like that from happening, we here at the Alvah Bushnell Company provide mailers with the utmost durability and reliability.

We sell an array of mailers to satisfy your needs. Our selection of mailers offers customers reliability, durability, and priority mailing along with customizable envelopes. When you’re sending a client important documents, you don’t want to run the risk of the package getting ripped or damaged. In fact, choosing one of our mailers is definitely safer than choosing a standard envelope.


Ease your mind and the minds of your clients when mailing sensitive and confidential information by sending it in a mailer perfect for privacy and security. We suggest not buying a mailer that needs to have the flap moistened and can fall apart if it gets dropped or wet. Buy first class mailers such as those made from Ship-lite or Tyvek for the security you and your clients demand. In law practices, confidentiality is key in establishing trust between client and attorney.


When sending important information to a client, such as legal documents, it’s important to have a durable mailer. Durability will allow the package to travel through the mail, no matter the distance, and remain undamaged. An excellent example of a durable mailer is a heavy-padded mailer. Heavy-padded mailers are ideal for DVDs or pamphlets. Expansion mailers are also a durable option and allow for an abundant amount of papers to be sent without the corners bursting. Ship-lite and Tyvek mailers are also water resistant, which is highly beneficial for the durability of the mailers.

Mailers with a 2” or 4” expansion provide the necessary durability and allow ring binders or other bulky items to be mailed without having to use a box.

First Class

First class mailers are easily recognizable by their green triangles lining the border. The unique bordering allows mail carriers to identify the package as first class mail and process it accordingly. First class mailer envelopes are great for urgent documents and ensure the mailer and everything it contains will be expedited through the mailing system.

Customized Printing

Add a unique and professional touch to your mailers or legal file jackets with our customizable options. Your mailer can be customized by our team at the Alvah Bushnell Company and turned into a self-addressed envelope. A nice color-printed corner card in royal blue, forest green, etc. can also be added to give flair to your mailer envelope. Many of our mailers also come with a peel and seal closure, which is much easier than licking the envelope, using a sponge, or even using tape to seal it. Simply pull off the paper liner to expose the sticky glue, fold over the flap, and you’re done.

When you buy office supplies from the Alvah Bushnell Company, no matter if it’s file pockets, or your business is in search of durable legal wallets, you are provided with quality products and superior customer services. Call us today and find out how customized first class mailers can elevate your business.

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