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3 Reasons to Buy Legal Office Supplies From Small Businesses

With big-named office supplies stores setting up shop all over the country, many consumers forget the benefits that small businesses offer to their local communities and the overall economy of the country. While big-named box stores are very popular amongst consumers, they tend to hurt local communities more than they help.

Before you head into another big box store, take a look at how buying legal office supplies like accordion expanding file pockets from a big box store can hurt your local community.

  1. They Hurt Market Competition – Most of the time when people hear that a big box store is being built in their neighborhood the first things think are convenience and rock-bottom prices. In reality, big box stores over-crowd smaller, locally-owned businesses making it harder for them to operate. This intrusion leaves consumers with fewer shopping options and less competition in the marketplace. When a big box store dominates the market, consumers are left at their mercy as they can charge whatever prices they want since they have no other businesses to compete with.
  2. They Reduce Local Economic Activity – Usually, consumers don’t take into account how much money big box stores cost their communities because they are more concerned with how much money they can save when shopping at one. In general, unlike local businesses, big box stores do not spend money in the communities in which they operate. This means that the money they earn leaves the community without passing through the hands of local businesses, thus negatively affecting the local economy.
  3. They Ship America’s Manufacturing Jobs Overseas – Outsourcing jobs overseas in exchange for cheap labor is common practice for businesses looking to save money. While big box stores reap the benefits of cheaper labor, local communities suffer as they are usually are left with more workers than there are jobs to fill. One of the keys to boosting your local economy is to support businesses that produce quality American jobs.

For over 140 years, the Alvah Bushnell Co. has remained committed to supporting not only the local Philadelphia economy, but the American economy as well. When our competitors decided to ship their legal accordion folder manufacturing jobs overseas, we stayed to continue to provide the best products and services to the legal industry. Give us call today at 800-814-7296 to learn more about our vast inventory of American-made legal office supplies.

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