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How to Organize Your File Cabinets for a More Organized & Efficient Workspace

When discussing office matters, from law firms to marketing agencies, two words are bound to come up sooner than later: Organization and Efficiency. A self-aware and well-managed workspace always strives to increase both of those essential business factors every day, but it can be a huge challenge when folders and paperwork are spread pell-mell throughout the office, and the filing system hangs loose. If this problem plagues your office space and you are in the market for a way to cut the clutter, you are in luck! 

As America’s oldest office supplier, we at the Alvah Bushnell Company have a few tips and tricks for overhauling your filing system and getting your office into the higher strata of efficiency and organization. 

Develop a Filing System & File List

Your filing system is the method by which you will order and store your office’s documents. This system can be as detailed or as general as you wish, but remember that you are doing this for your future self. Give this some serious consideration: Do you want to order your files alphabetically, by date, numerically, by client name, etc.? This may be the most challenging part of file organization, but it is an essential step. Afterward, you’ll see how everything else falls into place. 

Forfeit the Miscellaneous Folder

When you don’t know where a file fits in with the others, it is easy to make a miscellaneous folder and stick it there. Unfortunately, when you need a particular document, your memory may not serve you well enough, or it may get lost in the folder of misfit files. Instead, we recommend going back to Step One and reconsidering your file system.

Personalize & Label 

This is the fun bit! There’s a lot to be said for making a workplace more personal, inviting, and visually pleasing. The same should apply to your files! Our office filing furniture, colorful manila and hanging folders, legal accordion folders, labels, and other office organization supplies can make any visit to the filing cabinet a pleasant one! This may take some time, but the trade-off is worth it!

Maintain a Sustainable Organization System 

After the hard work is done, the real challenge begins. You have to keep the system going; otherwise, the system won’t work. Here are a few suggestions to help you maintain a sustainable filing system: 

When you need to buy legal size accordion file folders or other first-rate office organization supplies, give us a call. All of our products are American made and of the highest quality, allowing us to uphold the reputation of excellence that we’ve developed over 140 years in business!

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