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How To Stay Organized This Tax Season

Tax season can be a crazy time of year, especially for business owners and CPAs alike. With an unbelievable amount of paperwork flying across your desk, it can be hard to keep everything straight. One way to combat disorganization is with the use of Alvah Bushnell’s products.

We have Kraft folders for sale in addition to our quality filing containers, mailers, and other accessories you may find yourself needing. We also make custom products and can get you a quote on your exact folder in just a few minutes. Let your clients know who is sending them important documents with our custom services.


Custom Printed Envelopes & Materials

Sending documents that are time-sensitive need to be portrayed as such for the person receiving them to open and return promptly. Luckily, we can add custom printing to any order, turning plain envelopes into ones that state “time-sensitive” or “important tax documents enclosed.”

Gray window envelopes are often used due to their color — since they are gray, they can’t be seen through. You can transform gray window envelopes into self-addressed ones with our customized corner cards. Corner cards can be added to standard envelopes with your name, address, and whatever information you would like for ultimate personalization. Self-addressed envelopes make it easier for clients to send their forms back to you, rather than them searching for an envelope to use. For convenience, you can add a stamp too before sending them out!


Report Covers

Portray a professional look and feel when delivering documents with our report covers. These can also be customized with your company name and logo. Whether you want them printed with colored ink or foil stamped, we can create the ideal covers for you and your clients. In addition to looking nice, report covers allow everything to be stored in one central location, making transport easy. Incorporate any forms you may need your clients to fill out or to make tracking for your projects easier. You provide the forms you need, and we’ll print them for you.


Work Paper Sets

Keeping your work papers all in one place is essential to ensure a tax return is filed correctly. Such important documents need to be readily available in the event a return needs supporting. Luckily, you can buy Kraft folders to add to your organization set to keep papers safe and confidential, while staying within your budget.


Keep yourself organized with Alvah Bushnell’s variety of products. Order today by calling 800-814-7296.


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