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Why Does Your Office Need to Use Flat Wallets?

No matter how organized your office is, it can always be improved. At Alvah Bushnell, we supply a number of products that allow your business to become organized, translating into efficiency and an increase in productivity. Flat wallets are one of the products that can positively impact your office’s performance.

Flat wallets are a type of legal wallet that is great for filings cases that are small, or for cases that use less paper. They are similar to colored folders with the exception of having a protected flap at the top. Flat wallets typically don’t have an elastic cord or tie string closure due to the fact that they’re not meant to transport significant amounts of paperwork. However, flat wallets can improve productivity within your office with its convenient size and customizations for organizational excellence.

Compact & Convenient
When you get to your client meeting or to court, you don’t want to waste time by scrambling for multiple papers and forms. Instead of dealing with that hassle, all of your paperwork can be in one place. Flat wallets are 10” x 15” and made specifically to house smaller files.

For ultimate convenience, flat wallets can be customized with any forms of your choosing printed on them. For example, medical records, CPA forms, or any legal forms. If you want it printed onto your flat wallet, we can do it. While custom printing is an additional cost, bulk orders can get special quotes. Gone are the days of worrying about loose forms with custom printing.

Better Organization
Flat wallets can be sorted in any number of ways. With customizable features and seven colors to choose from, organizational possibilities are endless. Some color options we have are canary yellow, light blue, gray, and light green. We also have Manila and Kraft wallets and folders for sale.

Here are some ways you can use flat wallets for better organization:

  • Color code by the client, type of files, etc.
  • File by name (of client or attorney) that can be custom printed on the wallet
  • Wallets can be custom numbered

To get an exact quote on legal folders and wallets for sale in just minutes, contact us by calling 800-814-7296. Get ready to see the difference in how your office operates with the addition of our flat wallets!

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