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Our Classification Pockets are Perfect for Sensitive Documents

When you’re a lawyer, protecting the photographs and classified documents needed for your clients is essential. Whether you’re bringing photos with you to court or filing sensitive documents, you need something that can keep large collections of material in mint condition.

Alvah Bushnell Company provides just what you need the most. Our Kraft classification pockets are designed to have documents and photographs inserted into them from the top, not as folders that are simply opened and closed. This way, any documents that are placed inside will be safe and secure, without any risk of the pocket’s contents spilling everywhere if the pocket is dropped.

Our classification pockets come in two different varieties, CF-1 and CF-2. They expand to 1” and 2” respectively, giving you plenty of room to secure a stack of sensitive documents for a particular case.

Because they do not open widely from the side as a folder does, our classification pockets are also great for documents that you do not want hole punched. This can be especially useful for uniquely sensitive paperwork and printed photos.

Further, Alvah Bushnell Company’s Kraft pockets are suited for all kinds of storage. They can be inserted into both letter and legal-size pressboard folders, classification folders, regular manila folders, and anything in general with a fastener.

Since 1876, Alvah Bushnell Company has been manufacturing and supplying the legal industry with authentic, high-quality portfolios, accordion pockets, and other legal office supplies. With a mission of providing the best product and service possible, we currently serve over 4,000 law firms; some of these firms have been with us for more than a century. We currently provide file pockets, wallets, jackets, folders, mailers, and specialty items; we also manufacture custom products on request.

Our Kraft classification pockets are one of our most popularly purchased items. If you have any questions, or if you are interested in placing an order, call us today toll-free at 800-814-7296, or shop with us online at https://www.bushnellco.com/. On our website, you will also find our online catalog listing all of our available products, so that you can find just the right supplies for your law office.

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