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Protect and Track Possession of Evidence with Kraft Envelopes

The collection of crime scene evidence is an essential first step in the criminal investigation process. Securing the items, accurately tracking whereabouts and knowing which agencies handle them is crucial to preserving the integrity of any crime scene investigation.

At Alvah Bushnell Company, we provide Kraft paper envelopes to law enforcement agencies and law offices around the country to ensure the proper handling, care and distribution of evidence.

Since 1876, we at Alvah Bushnell Company has been supplying the legal industry with pocket accordion files, and we’re proud to feature Kraft evidence envelopes along with our line of durable and high-quality products.

Secure and Protected

Our Kraft envelopes allow necessary and confidential evidence to be secured and protected. Safeguarding these critical documents from the elements is a necessity, and our heavy-duty envelopes are durable enough to give you the confidence that your vital records, paperwork and even evidence is safe and remains intact throughout the legal process.

Private And Confidential

We feature classification folders that give you the freedom to maintain one confidential folder while keeping separate individual sections or files. This allows you to keep one part in view while other sections can remain private and hidden from the sight of prying eyes.

Also, these folders are not only made with highly durable materials to protect them from everyday wear and tear, but they also feature an opacity that prevents anyone from viewing them through the envelope.

Recording Possession

Because of their durability, our evidence envelopes are also perfect for long-term storage. They feature customizable labels for the front of the envelope to quickly and accurately track the record of possession and verify its chain of custody. This is an essential function of the envelope, to allow you to quickly and easily locate and obtain the necessary information inside it.

Multiple Closure Options

At Alvah Bushnell Company, our Kraft evidence envelopes also come in a variety of closures, so you can have options for sharing your valuable information and documents. We feature a tamper-evident closure which seals semi-permanently to show if anyone has accessed its contents. We also offer a string and button style envelope for situations requiring repeated access to a document or piece of evidence.

Alvah Bushnell Company remains the legal industry’s most trusted name in evidence envelopes and legal accordion folders. To place an order or learn more, call our team at 800-814-7296 or browse our website.

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