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Why Traditional Mail Service Remains the Best Way to Transport Sensitive Information

In this day and age, there are many ways for businesses to send and receive sensitive documents such as email or electronic exchange services. But even with these technological advances, traditional mailing services remain the best and most reliable way to transport important documents.

While traditional mail service remains one of the safest options for sending and receiving confidential information, businesses should be aware that all mailers are not created equally. Instead of choosing an ordinary envelope to transport your documents in, you should consider buying first-class mailers instead as they offer more privacy and security.

Still not convinced that traditional mailing is the way to go? Here are four reasons why your business should choose first class mailers to ship your important documents.  


Unlike email and other internet-based services, first-class mailers can’t be hacked, so you and your clients can rest a little easier knowing that your sensitive information is not making its way across the dark web. In addition to their ability to evade hackers, first-class mailers are also easily recognized by the United States Postal Service, which offers services that provide the highest level of security to protect first class mail.


Since first-class mailers are thicker and more durable than ordinary envelopes, you can trust that they won’t fall apart during transport and that your documents will reach their final destination undamaged. Whether your shipping a letter or a bulky binder, first-class mailers offer the necessary durability to protect your documents from unpredictable weather conditions and the wear and tear of long-distance travel.  


The distinctive green triangle-lined border featured on first-class mailers makes them easy to recognize so mail carriers can process them more efficiently. If you need to get a document to a client in a hurry, then a first-class mailer would be ideal because most mailing services will expedite the mailer through the mailing system to reach its destination faster.


Buying mailers from the Alvah Bushnell Co. allow you to customize your mailers giving them a professional and personalized touch that fits the unique feel of your business. Whether you chose to add a pop of color or your business address, our highly skilled team is ready to help you give your first class mailers a little flare.

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