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When you work at a law firm or another business that relies on utilizing a lot of paperwork, organization is key. If there are papers scattered everywhere without labels to identify them, you could risk losing important documents. And even if you have a few folders, some may be too flimsy or unable to separate documents by category or importance. To easily access all the documents you need and keep them from ending up in anyone else’s hands, you need durable and protective legal office supplies and exhibit tags.

Alvah Bushnell’s Legal Exhibit Tags

At Alvah Bushnell, we specialize in high-quality office supplies and materials. We offer file pockets, wallets, jackets, folders, and mailers that have been used in the legal industry since 1876. In addition to these supplies, we offer specialty products to help you label, identify, access, and protect your products.

As the oldest manufacturer of filing pockets in the world, we value the old-fashioned and keep up with developments in the industry. We offer traditional folders while providing innovative legal exhibit tags and other specialty items to make organizing your materials easier.

Specialty Products

Our specialty products are designed to further enhance your company and keep everything where it needs to be. These products help cover or label your binders and are available in a variety of colors. While file pockets, folders, and binders are the backbone of your office supplies, don’t forget the specialty items that help you identify them.

Our selection of specialty products includes:

Binder Covers

Our legal binder covers, available in a variety of colors, help protect your binders and the documents inside. And if you have multiple binders, these covers help you categorize them and identify them accordingly. Every binder cover is a top-bound, legal size pressboard with a 2” fastener. They are able to fit all binders 2” or smaller.

All binder covers come in bulk packs, so there will be enough to go around for the whole office. Just wrap the cover around your binder, put it in your bag, and you and your team are ready to head out & take on your next case.

Colored Labels

By labeling your folders and file pockets, you can easily access the one you need whenever you need it. If you’re in a rush, you don’t want to be shuffling through identical folders to find the right one. And if you ask someone else to get a folder for you, it’s easier to identify it by its label than by what’s inside or written on it. Labels are an extremely simple way to keep everything separated and organized.

We offer adhesive label sheets with ten 2”x4” labels per sheet. Labels are available in a variety of colors, allowing you to mark each folder differently. You’ll be able to simply reference folders as “the blue one” and associate the color with the files you need at a given time.

Classification Pockets

In the legal industry, you need to keep your documents and files secure at all times. Classification pockets allow you to slide all the documents you need in one place and seal them up to prevent anyone else from seeing them.

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Our specialty products and legal exhibit tags are the perfect addition to our collection of durable office supplies. Keep your documents uniform and secure with help from Alvah Bushnell’s suite of office products. To make a custom order or learn more about our legal filing pockets for sale, contact us by calling 800-814-7296.

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