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Alvah Bushnell Company Helps Boost Local Business

The Alvah Bushnell Company remains committed to developing relationships with the small businesses of Philadelphia. For more than 140 years, our family-owned and operated office supply company has dedicated ourselves to supplying the office resources our patrons need while providing a customer experience they could not find elsewhere. For our family, supporting the growing businesses and local practices of the greater Philadelphia area with the affordable, American-made file pockets for sale is what it has always been about — since our foundation in 1876.

In addition to having high-quality, heavy-duty file pockets for sale, our team at Alvah Bushnell aims to cultivate a unique business relationship with each of our customers, many of whom have been with us for decades for precisely that reason.

Aside from the many benefits of partnering with our family at Alvah Bushnell, when you shop our supplies, you’re also:

Supporting American Manufacturing
In a world full of ever-growing global enterprise, the sole focus of the biggest office suppliers around the world is to drive their profits up by any means necessary. What this means for family-owned and operated businesses is usually being forced to close their doors due to the outsourcing of goods and materials. As more American products are sent to be made overseas while corporate executives reap the financial benefits, the quality of their products and customer experience suffers.

That’s not how we operate at Alvah Bushnell. Though it may save a couple bucks to outsource manufacturing, since 1876, we’ve committed ourselves to keeping our manufacturing operation local to Philadelphia and providing our customers with product quality that is held to a higher standard.

Receiving The Care Your Business Deserves
Unlike big box competitors who take the cookie-cutter approach in promoting the brands and products, our sixth generation family-owned establishment remains deeply committed to customer communication and crafting a transformational experience rather than one which is purely transactional. Our customers know that when they need our help, the entire Alvah Bushnell team will go above and beyond the line of duty to ensure our customer satisfaction is met with each order.

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